Exception running "Table Index" at example "01502_documentQueries"

Currently I get the following message running the example "01502_documentQueries": 

  ERROR LuceneTableIndexerNodeModel Exception adding row to index: null


After that the queries are logging:

  ERROR Index Query Execute failed: numHits must be > 0; please use TotalHitCountCollector if you just need the total hit count


I assume the indexing didn't run correctly therefore no index exists. Any suggestions what could be wrong?

BTW, I didn't change the example - it never worked at all on my desktop.


Regards, Danny

Hi Danny,

the error depends on the used XML library which has been updated with the latest KNIME version. It occurs when the original document is stored in a search index. A possible workaround until the bug is fixed is to change the "Save original data" options in the Table Indexer node to "NO".

Sorry for these inconveniences,


Thanks alot, now the examples are working