Execute failed: Cannot remove connection! (Parallel chunk end in a wrapped meta node)


I have the following workflow:

Inside wraped meta node:


I'm getting an error in execution at the paralle chunk end node of "Execute failed: Cannot remove connection!". I thought it may be an issue with the wrapped meta node so I unwrapped and it works fine as a normal meta node. 

Is this a bug? 



Hi Sam,

Thank you for reporting this, it is indeed a bug!

I have opened a ticket, so this will be taken care of.



Anyone know what ticket# this was assigned? I'm trying to see if this was fixed in the most recent release.



It seems that we don't know what ticket number this was assigned. The follow-up question therefore is: how can we look this up in the ticket logging system? Can anyone direct me to the ticket system?


I have the same error here, so it seems that the bug has not been solved in the last KNIME version (3.5) released on 6th of December 2017. If anybody can tell how this bug can be followed, that would be great.