Execute Failed: targetURI invalid (trying to run Excel Sheet Appender)

Hi all,

Having a lot of trouble with what seems to be a simple Excel Sheet Appender node. I get an updated Excel sheet with new data every week. I am using Excel Reader to simply read certain rows from a certain worksheet in this weekly file. I then convert a couple of columns from string to number and then I want to drop it into another workbook (and overwrite an existing sheet) using Excel Sheet Appender.

When I hit execute on the Excel Sheet Appender, I get the following error: Execute failed: targetUri invalid - http://invalid.uri

A few things I’ve tried with different results:

  1. changed the location of the files from Box to a local folder on my computer (didn’t work)
  2. changed the destination workbook from xlsx to xls --> this actually worked! but it isn’t a sustainable solution because of the row limit of 65k in xls format.
  3. created a dummy xlsx file with a few spoof tabs and selected this as my final destination --> this also works so I’m very confused as to why my existing xlsx file won’t work.

The final file I want to append has like 20 tabs and lots of data. It’s about 45mb in size. Not sure if there’s a size limit issue? What gives? Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @dking8,
could you share your KNIME log file so we can investigate this problem? You find it under View -> Open KNIME log in the Analytics Platform. If possible, it would be even better if we had a workflow to reproduce the problem. I’d understand if that does not work for you, though.
Kind regards

Alexander - I really appreciate the reply and willingness to help. I was able to figure out a solution but not sure I understand the root cause of the original issue.

I read on another semi-related post that Knime could have issues reading to an xlsx file with images or buttons so I deleted all of my images in the xlsx file. (I had inserted a bunch of rectangle shapes and used them as buttons hyperlinked to different tabs in the workbook). After deleting all of these and re-running the Knime workflow I got a different error stating “Execute failed: Java heap space”.

I googled that error and found that it could be a lack of memory allocated to Knime. By updating a text file within the Knime application directory, I was able to allocate more memory to Knime and it successfully ran.

Again, thanks for the willingness to help. Hopefully this thread helps someone else with a similar issue.

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Glad it worked out for you and good to know for the future that images cause problems!

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