Execute java program in KNIME-java snippet

Hello KNIME team,

We are trying to execute a JAVA program based on SOUNDEX function to extract macthing words along with its Aggregated Counts based on the output (executing R Script for TDM matrix)..


so i have two cloums names as Diease (Words) and Count(Count of diease)

I need to find similar Phoentic words in my coloumn using JAVA program (SOUNDEX function) and aggreagating it with count cloumn 


Not able to RUN the JAVA program which has external dependency on JAR files ,please let us know ,how to Execute the program 

Thanks in advance...

Many Thanks




I would say, just use the External Tool node and run "java -jar" (same as on command line), or use the Java Snippet node assigning your library within the Additional Libraries tab.