Execute migration workflow after an if-condition node

Good day KNIME experts.

I created first a migration workflow and it works fine.
Now there is a condition that migration workflow will run if the controller status is set to active (control status is table-based value, e.g. controller_status = 1).
So what i did is i add another series of nodes to retrieve this value.
Now i got stuck as the ending node for if-condition node cannot be associated/connected (triangle symbol) to DB Table selector or DB Reader of the migration workflow i created first.

How can i achieve the requirements that controller_status should be checked first before the migration action takes place?

Waiting for your kind response.

Thank you

Hi @csarsonas -

Can you post a bit of your workflow that shows your branching logic? It seems to me that using the DB Reader as an input to, for example, an End IF node should work fine, so I must be missing something about what you’re describing.

Maybe use a CASE Switch Variable (End) to gather your branches using flow variable connectors??

Hi Sir @ScottF

Here is the workflow for the migration :

then, this is the controller status checker :

I would like to put this controller checker either with DB Table selector or DB Reader checking if controller status is 1 or true, it will proceed with the migration process.

Hello @csarsonas,

if I got it right you want to connect one output port of IF Switch node with migration flow. If those are different workflows then connect it with Call Workflow (Table Based) node or if in same workflow use “dummy” node to kick it off. Something like this:




Thanks @ipazin
Most of my nodes ends up with different input/output node symbol and trying to figure out on how they will be executed or called.

I’ll try this portion to resolve my problem

Thank you.


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