Execute queries with different oracle jdbc version in knime 3.4

I would like to connect to oracle databases via jdbc by means of nodes “Database reader” or “Database connection”. Based on the oracle version of the database I would like to choose jdbc7 version for a group of databases and jdbc6 for others. I’m trying to define the drivers in the “Driver definitions” menu. Unfortunately I cannot see my registered drivers once added.
Is it possible to do this with KNIME version 3.4.2? Have you got any suggestion to do it?
I recently used the version 4.3.1 and I saw that is really simpler to set this features but for the moment I have to use the version 3.4.2 for project needs.


Hello Riccardo,
unfortunately the database integration that is part of KNIME 3.4.2 does only support a single driver per database. The newer database framework that we introduced with KNIME 4.0 supports multiple drivers per database among other improvements. For more information about the new framework see the documentation.

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Hi Tobias,
thank you very much for the feedback, I think we will definitely benefit from the new version of knime in the near future. Do you know if alternative solutions are applicable for the moment? For example, managing the driver definition and query through a snipped node?


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