executing perl script via knime

Hi all,

i don't know if this is the right forum to ask, but trying to excute a perl script via knime report an error :

can"t read csv file.

the problem is that just once it works, and all my other tries failed.

i download the following modules:

b. Math::Round
c. Algorithm::Combinatorics
d. Parallel::ForkManager
e. Spreadsheet::WriteExcel
f. Scalar::Util.

anyone has an idea why it can't open the input files?!! (in linux and the command line in windows it does work)



You need to provide more details, e.g. the script you are trying to execute or even better your workflow.


i can't provide the script, because it is an enternal lab one for screening!!

for the workflow is image enough?

Without knowing what exactly you are trying to do in the Perl script it's not possible to find the error.