Executing workflow from command line with mutiple workflow variables


Can you please let me know if we can execute a workflow with multiple workflow variables from command line?

Please let me know the syntax for that.

Also, how to mention the workflow variable in command line syntax if the variable name is “File Path” (space in between the variable name).


Hi Shiva!

Executing workflow from a command line with multiple parameters should work just fine. Each workflow variable needs it own syntax. Like this for two variables:
-workflow.variable=StrValue,"param",String -workflow.variable="Int Value",100,int

As you can see if variable name has space you need quotes.

I have tested this on Windows and works. Try it and if you encounter any problem get back to us please.

Have a nice day,

Can you please tell me the entire batch command with workflow variable. Right now I am getting the error:
Couldn’t parse -workflow.variable argument