Executing workflow via web service


Using GenerialWorkflowService on KNIME server I was able to run, get status of, and discard a workflow. When I run a workflow, WS returns uuid number.

If I run a workflow via KNIME GUI, a running job is visible in GUI and webportal, but because I cannot (do not know how to) get uuid in GUI, I cannot check workflow (job) status using web service. My question is: is there a way to get uuid's of all jobs (running or not) on the server via web service?

Also: if a workflow is run using web service, is there a way to return variable back to web service? For example: if a workflow saves report to some file at some path how can I get this path (variable value) when using web service call?

Thanks for a reply.

Regards, Primož


1) It is not currently possible to get a list of all UUIDs for jobs attached to a server, but this is an interesting idea.

2) The way this should work (for now at least) is that your output file destination is actually specified in your webservice call so if you want to get at a file, you actually specify the file path that you wish to retrieve it from. We realise that this is a bit clunky it is something that we will be looking at improving in the future.

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Aaron Hart