Executing workflows on Server Lite

I am experiencing an interesting issue.

When I try to execute a workflow that uses the explorer browser, I can only execute it with the server user id that was setup during the installation.

When the workflow only involves a query to a database, I can execute it with a knime user id as long as it has the appropriate permissions.

Has anyone seen this before?


Sorry, but I don’t fully understand your problem. Can you be a bit more specific what steps you are performing and what doesn’t work? Especially potential error message would be useful.

Please also include the version of the KNIME Server that you are using.

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I think this is resolved. One of my workflows was trying to access a file on the Knime Server. I believe this uses a REST interface. My license only allows the server admin to be a REST user.

Thanks for your quick response.

Hi Ray, Thanks for the feedback. Using the Explorer Browser with a KNIME Protocol (e.g. knime://knime.workflow) when you are logged in to the server as a user, will be properly supported when we release KNIME Server 4.7 in July. If that’s an issue in the meantime, then please drop me a DM.