execution error when adding additional column filter in rule-based row filter

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I’m using the above code in rule-based row filter. The first two conditions run fine but when I add the 3rd condition where status= W then it gives me an error in execution.
Is there anything wrong with the code? or may be any other way to write this?

Hi @umara , when you say it gives an error in execution, what error message does it give?

In terms of your actual rule, there is a logic error in that $Status$ cannot simultaneously be both “C” and “W” , so your rule as it stands will currently return FALSE, and assuming you wish to keep only rows where it equates to TRUE, you will get the warning message:


Also, LIKE is designed for using wildcards so technically your rule should be using = rather than LIKE, although it won’t cause problems in this case.

Depending on your actual requirements/logic, maybe you really need to use OR like this:

$Finalist$ = "N" AND ($Status$ = "C" OR $Status$ = "W") => TRUE


@takbb Thank you so much for the solution, it worked. Yes, it was giving me empty data table error. That was a silly mistake, I still have to learn a lot, thanks :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome @umara. Glad it turned out to be something simple. And thanks for marking the solution. :slight_smile:

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