Execution failed: Java heap space

Please need a help to fix this Java heap space error

I have followed below steps already still I am getting this error

  1. In the KNIME installation directory there is a file called knime.ini (under Linux it might be .knime.ini; for MacOS: right click on KNIME.app, select “Show package contents”, go to “/Contents/Eclipse/” and you should find a Knime.ini). Open the file,
  2. Find the entry -Xmx1024m and change it to -Xmx4g or higher (for example).
  3. (Re)start KNIME.

Hi @Pragadeshgp , either you need to optimize the data, or if it’s already optimized, then you need to increase the memory limit.

I process huge amount of data, and had to boost to -Xmx30g. At this limit, I had no issues.

Which node is crashing for you?


Thanks @bruno29a
I have increased to -Xmx8g and it worked


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