Exel file reader with a loop

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I want to read multiple excel files in multiple folders on a monthly basis. However, we can miss sometimes few files and want to add to the main outcome and to run the workflow again will take maybe hours (4.5 M rows).
Do you have any suggestions to have a shortcut to rea these files quickly and make sure there wont be any duplicates ?
I am matching with the joiner the year ago data to these files for a financial reporting at the end and I am using the file name to split it and use the data inside the file name as well.
The basic loop start-loop end workflow to read these files are taking around 10-15 min per month.
CSV format is not an option for me as the format doesn’t fit my reporting format.

Hi @celik_e_4 and welcome to the KNIME forum,

If your file names are unique, since probably you are using List Files node to make a list of files in each folder to read them later, I suggest concatenating the file names from the List Files nodes separately and when you are going to add missed files, first check whether the file name already exists in the list or not.


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