Explanation on the "AutoML" component

Hello Everyone!

I just came across the AutoMl component available in KNIME example server. I tried to use it in KNIME analytics platform. Wanted help on after successfully creating the best model how will I apply the model in the new data for prediction.

Any sample workflow would be really helpful.

Many Thanks!

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Hi @Omprakash_Jena -

This blog post by @paolotamag describes the AutoML component in some detail:


Thanks @ScottF ! It helps.

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Hi there,

also here the workflow:

You can use the component for a simple automl by simply adding a workflow executor node and then open the workflow executor settings and click the button “auto-adjust ports” in the dialogue and then provide data via the new connection port.


The AutoML component is using Integrated Deployment.

If you want to learn how to customize it further (not just using the dialogue options) and also how to reuse its output you should also take a look at:

Integrated Deployment documentation:


The full blog post collection:


A new blog post just published today on Integrated Deployment.


Thanks @paolotamag ! This is really helpful.


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