Explanation - Transfer Files (Table)

Hello community!

It took me forever to build a working mechanism that will tranfser a file from one folder into another one. (Means it will also disappear at location A and tranfered to location B)
Transfer Files

I am using SSH Connectors because this workflow has to get through a firewall into a specific share, where I have a folder.

As you can see I have to utilze the “Source File-” and “Destination File System Connection” ports
on the “Transfer File (Table)” Node.

Now my question: The transfer will only work, if I Select the exact same Path in the top and bottom SSH Connector.
Which to me, doesn’t make any sense because my Source and Destination are literally meant to be different.
To be more specific:
In the SSH Connector you have to select the machine/PC that you want to connect to as well as a path.
The machine is the same but the path should be different, since I’m transfering from one folder to another.
Yet, when I select the Source folder in the top SSH connector and the Destination Folder in the bottom SSH connector, the transfer will not work but there is also no Error! The node will turn green, but the file is still in the Source Folder and will not appear in the Destination Folder.

You could argue “why bother” since I found a solution. But I am really curious how it works.

Thank you so much!

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