Explore Scientific Data Stored on BigQuery using KNIME

To be able to connect to BigQuery using the DB Connector node following steps need to be done: 1) Download the freely available driver: https://storage.googleapis.com/simba-bq-release/jdbc/SimbaJDBCDriverforGoogleBigQuery42_1.2.0.1000.zip 2) Unzip to a folder where drivers are stored or to a new folder of your choice 3) Go to Preferences - KNIME - Database and add the whole extracted folder as a source by selecting "Add folder" 4) Download a JSON Certificate from BigQuery (add path to the URL in next step) --> Greg can we specify this here? 5) Create the following database URL to connect via the Database Connector by replacing the xxx part by valid content and add it to the DB Connector node configuration jdbc:bigquery://https://www.googleapis.com/bigquery/v2:443;ProjectId=xxx;OAuthServiceAcctEmail=xxx;OAuthPvtKeyPath=xxx;Timeout=3600; 6) In the DB Connector node configuration: - Select the new added driver - Advanced Tab: un-select Transactions - Advanced Tab: Change the Identifier delimiters from " to `

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