Export a model as java / Use it in an Android-App


As you can read above I would like to export a trained Model as javacode because I want to use it in an Android-app.


Is there any simple way to do that?



JPMML might be an option (if you are ok with AGPL), though I have not tried yet with Android. (Its source seems to be Java 6, so there should not be too much problems, it seems it does not use native libs.)

What kind of models would you like to use?

Hi Jan,

we have something like this under development but it is not fixed when it will be published. I keep you posted as soon as I have more detailed news for you.

Cheers, Iris



Currently I am testing Multi Layer Perceptrons and Decision Trees, because I don't know yet which one will achieve better results.

Both algorithms are quite simple to use as a predictor. If you can make it easy to read the parameters, after that the algorithms are quite simple. Though JPMML Evaluator supports both according to its homepage (Neural Network and Tree Model respectively).