Export File Names and mime type - Batch processing files with PIA for proteomics (Loop)

Hi, I am successfully running a multi-search workflow with subsequent PIA Analysis. However, when extend the workflow for multiple mzML spectra for subsequent search using ZipLoop (as in OpenMS), I got the following problems:

  1. All generated PIA output files are called piaExport.mzIdentML. I.e. the files are overwritten…
  2. I want to connect the export file port with another tool (IDFileConverter of OpenMS). However, the mime type is not recognized by the following module.
    Any hints?
    Best, Robert

Hej Robert,

  1. Right, at the moment all files are called the same in a loop. The way I handle it at the moment is using a float variable of the input-file name (of the loop) and copy the file. But if you would find it better to set the file name, please create an issue on the PIA github page and I will implement something, so you can directly use the float variable with PIA.

  2. The MIME type should become correct after executing the node. So unfortunately to build the workflow, it always needs to be executed up to the node right now. If not, please let me now and I will have a look.