Export Graphic with Batch-Command

In the view-dialog exists the option to export the graphic as a png. I would like to call a batch command on commandline that starts a predefined workflow and exports the graphic automatically. I am able to execute a workflow and if i am using a writer node it will write everything I defined in a file. Furthermore it is possible to change some setting over the command line. It would be quite helpful if you could helb me to speed up the work with knime.
Maybe a Graphic- or Graph-Writer node would be a usefule feature, but that’s probably something for the future.
Thanks for your help.


Hi Michael, I doubt that a export of a view can be done with the batch executor. We are currently working on reporting functionality that allows the user to export selected parts (data/views) of a workflow as report (e.g. in PDF). As for the command switches to overwrite node settings: Have a look at this FAQ. Regards Bernd


Could you give me a simple example about "how to autoexecute KNIME workflow without KNIME Enterprise server supporting" in WinXP schedule ? thanks!

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Has there been any activity on the reporting functionality listed above that would allow a user to export a report chart as a PDF or image.  I know I can use jFreeCharts with Image Port Writer but I would prefer to use the reporting capabilities of BIRT and somehow save that chart in a batch environmet.

Thank you

Thanks for bringing this up again. The KNIME Report Designer is part of the KNIME open-source desktop version and allows exporting a report generated based on a KNIME workflow into various formats, including PDF. This has to be done manually via the Report Designer perspective if KNIME. If you want to create those reports automatically, you need to have the KNIME TeamSpace extension and/or KNIME Server together with KNIME WebPortal in place. Both allow you to create reports via command line or via our web-interface, resp. For more info and details on the KNIME enterprise components, see our website at http://knime.org/products or contact me directly.

Thank you for the response, it just seems that looking in to the exported workspace zip file, that the "default_report.rptdesign" file is very close to what Birt's runtime takes.  The only problem I am running in to is that the datasources aren't properly manifested for this to work but it understands the report layout. 

Is there a mechansim or approach (even programatically) to be able to produce the report in a batch mode using the rptdesign file extracted from the exported workflow since the Birt runtime provides that capability.


The Desktop KNIME Desktop provides a so-called BATCH_MODE which allows executing KNIME workflow from command line. We have an extension in place for the automatic generation of reports using the batch feature. This commercial extension is covered by the KNIME TeamSpace which is licensed per user. For more info on the TeamSpace, see our website: http://knime.org/knime-teamspace