Export Node


I'm trying now to export my Node, wich I have created.

I'm doing exactly the same things as here: http://tech.knime.org/developer/documentation/export

1. File -> Export -> Deployable plug-ins and Fragments -> choose my Node and save as archive File -> finish


2. Then unzip into dropins folder of another Knime only instance, start Knime ... no Node!

I also tried to put it into the Pluginsfolder and unziped both twice and do many things but nothing makes my Node appear. So what can I do? Is there anywhere a Logfile or sth. like that so I can track why it wont work?


best regards

You should look into .metadata/.log to check if there are problems loading the plug-in at all. In .metadata/knime/knime.log you may find information why certain nodes cannot be loaded if the plug-in itself was loaded successfully.