Export only selected SDF tags

Dear KNIMErs,

When reading in a SDF and after filtering some columns, I would like to export a new SDF containing only the reduced set of properties/columns/SDF tags.

However, the exported SDF contains nonetheless ALL properties/columns/SDF tags although the column filter did its job and shows the correctly filtered table.


Cheers & Thanks,


Please check this post.

Hi Paul,

I guess you have imported the molecules as SDF blocks. In that case KNIME stores all the fields in the "molecule" cell. When you write out such a table the properties are exported from the SdfCell regardless which column you filtered. If you import the SDF with "Extract Mol block" the additional data will not be stored in the molecule cell. You should select the properties for import or check "Extract all properties" and filter them later on. This way the new sdf ifle should contain only the selected properties.



thanks, guys!

I now got it running...