Export SQL data to PostgreSQL using Knime

Good morning, I’m new to knime and I’m learning by researching a lot on the internet, I need to export the data from the SQL database to PostgreSQL. Can someone explain to me which node to use to insert in PostgreSQL

@sandrofdigital welcome to the KNIME forum

You could use the:

(see the sample workflows linked from the page).

A collection about KNIME and databases you can find here:

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thanks, i will study the content and if i need help i ask for help again

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Hello @sandrofdigital,

here are two topics I managed to dig (older but might help) where I share my experience doing DB ETL with KNIME:

Anyways this is really a broad topic so feel free to open up a topic if more questions.


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Hello @ipazin I thank you for your tips, I’m already reading and watching the video, thanks man

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