Export SVG for workflow in metanode only?

Hi all,

I would like to export the content of a metanode as SVG file, while displaying the IN and OUT ports (no print screen).

For now I copy the metanode content in another workflow and use the File>Export to SVG command.

Then I edit the SVG with an external tool to add the gray rectangles, since to my knowledge workflow annotations are background only.

Does anyone know a better way to do this?


Jose Manuel

Hi Jose,

this is currently not possible. But I opened a feature request for you and will let you know as soon as there is any progress.

Best, Iris 

Dear Iris,

thanks for opening a feature request, I look forward to it!

Jose Manuel

Hi Iris,

I recently posted a request for the same feature (Where / How to obtain a component content SVG Image?) without knowing of this thread in March’17. Is there any progress on this feature request ?

Alternatively, I would be grateful if you could provide us with the Github link to the java source code (method/class/etc.) that is achieving this in KNIME. I will try then to create my own custom KNIME node. Many thanks in advance.

Best regards

Dear KNIME Team Members,

I would be really grateful if I could have an answer to the question I posted a couple of weeks ago:

"I would be grateful if you could provide us with the Github link to the java source code (method/class/etc.) that is achieving this (Export SVG for workflow or Metanode) in KNIME. I will try then to create my own custom KNIME node."

If I manage to implement this node, I will share it with the community, both the Java source code and the compiled plugin. Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


Hi @aworker -

Sorry about the delayed reply here. Let me see what I can find out and I’ll report back. :slight_smile:

Hi Scott

No problem at all and many thanks for your reply :blush:. I very much appreciate your help. Thanks in advance and looking forward.

Best regards,


@aworker, can you check here?

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Thanks a lot @ScottF

Hi @aworker,
what exactly do you want to do with the workflow-svg once you extracted it with the help of a node? What is the exact use case? I’m asking because for two reasons: (i) it is not an easy (and actually not desired) undertaking because nodes don’t have (and should not have) access to the workflow rendering engine (just imagine to run a workflow on a KNIME Server where no UI/display is available). And (ii) I hope that there is maybe already another way to achieve your actual final goal, depending on what it is.


Hi Martin @hornm,

We would like to automate the generation of figures of the internal content of components in KNIME. We include these figures in internal reports that explain how a component has been implemented or we add them for instance to published papers, blogs, etc. The problem is that a big workflow may contain dozens of different components. Export the SVGs one by one is not practical.

Having a node that automatically saves the svg image of a component once it has been executed would very much make our lives easier :wink:

We are takers, would you have any automated solution out of the box. Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Hi Ael,

I see two use cases (correct me if I’m wrong!):
(i) Creating SVGs for papers or blogs. This is probably a manual process anyway, I guess? Because it possibly requires curation and nobody wants to look at hundreds of workflow images, I guess :wink:
(ii) Internal reports: what exactly do you want to capture in those reports? The svg image of a workflow mainly captures its structure (+ annotations) but not much more. If you are not ‘married’ to the idea of having a workflow picture then maybe the new ‘Workflow Summary’-feature would be of help. It allows you to extract all essential information from a workflow (and, e.g., their contained components). From there you can (by means of another KNIME workflow) extract/filter the information you really need and include that in the report instead (e.g. a list of nodes, their configurations and connections). The workflow summary generation can also be automated on a KNIME Server.


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Hi Martin,

We definitely need to automatically gather the SVG images of components for our work. The Workflow Summary is not a solution for us. Thanks for your comments.

Best regards,