Export to and launch Knime Workflow from sharepoint folder

I am able to export a Knime workflow to a OneDrive folder and then launch, but can’t seem to export and launch from a Sharepoint folder. I have the Sharepoint folder as a mapped network drive under “This PC”.

Any ideas on why Knime can’t be saved to and launched from Sharepoint?


Hi @MikeR and welcome to the forum.

Offhand I don’t know the answer to this, so I will have to ask internally. Is launching KNIME via a Sharepoint mapped drive (as opposed to OneDrive) something that lots of folks in your organization are doing? If you have a little more info you can share about how you typically connect to KNIME workflows that would be interesting for us - in case there’s something on the development side we should prioritize.


Thanks for the reply.

We are new to Knime and are storing the Knime workflows on our servers in various offices, accessible to anyone with access . But now that we are working from home, we have found that the time to save a workflow and associated data back to the servers can take 45 minutes to several hours. The workflows seem to save much faster to Onedrive folders, but the Onedrive folders are not shareable as a network drive like Sharepoint folders.

The basic issue is the excessive time it takes to save a workflow.



Remember - certainly in the UK - home broadband is asymmetric - IE, “massive” download bandwidth, proportionately tiny upload bandwidth (as that’s the nature of the Internet data consumption model).
Saving your models and data back to the office are more likely to be affected by this “upload” paradigm than a fault of either the software or sharing mechanisms.

This is an interesting conundrum though as we too are about to start using synchronised model and data locations for a broader workforce in disparate locations…

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