Export Tree Ensemble PMML properly and import it again for predictions


I need to export the pmml code of a tree ensemble (produced by the Tree Ensemble Learner node) and load it again for making predicitons. In order to export the pmml code I used so far Tree Ensemble Learner -> Tree Ensemble Model Extract -> Table to PMML Ensemble -> PMML Writer. My first question: are these nodes sufficient to export the whole tree ensemble pmml?

In order to import it again in another workflow (my customer wants separate workflows for each data mining task) I used PMML Reader.

And then, my second and most important question: if I need to produce predictions including the predicted probabilities, which predictor node should I use? Is the PMML Ensemble Predictor sufficient? I'm not sure about that as it produces some missing values in the predicted probs..

Thank you very much in advance!

... or, what I'd love to do would be to use the Tree Ensemble Predictor itself, but it seems that it ain't compatible with the exported pmml?

You can write the complete tree ensemble with a model writer into a file. This can be read with the model reader back in. 

Cheers, Iris 

Thanks, it works as it should! My former solution worked as well but I didn't trust in it as it was another predictor. And indeed: the prediction results differ a little bit.