Export workflow in KNIME 4.4


since updating to KNIME 4.4 I’m no longer able to export workflows.

If I go to “File → Export KNIME workflow” nothing happened. Does anyone have an idea?

Hello @HolgerSc,

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That’s weird. What OS are you running? And if you right click on workflow and select Export KNIME Workflow… do you get configuration dialog?


OS: Windows 10, Version 2009
I just tried the right click on the workflow: works.
After that I tried the usual procedure (as described above) again: now it works again.
However: no idea why it works now. I am not a computer and can`t get into his mind. Problem solved.
Thank’s for your help.

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Hello @HolgerSc,
glad it works now. Possibly some glitch. If you notice this happening on a regular basis or manage to find a way to reproduce please share it here.

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