Exporting Decision Tree to Table/Report

Hello Everyone.

First at all, i really like Knime its being really helpful.

I have a question, I need to export the "leafs" created by the decision tree node to a table or to any report. I have tried the scorer node and the data to report node, but, its unsuccessful, in fact the node export the whole initial table (not the date obtained by the decision tree)

Is there any way to export the leafs from the decision tree to another table or to a report?

Thank you in advance!

We currently don't have a node allowing to extract rules from a decision tree. But since the model is available as PMML (XML for predictive models) those properties can be extracted automatically from the PMML using the XML nodes within KNIME. For an example see the XML workflows on the public server.

Thank you so much! I tried using the XML nodes and its working.

Is there anything new on this subject? I'm facing the same difficulty and I have no idea how to get the Tree View from the Decision Tree Predictor into a report.

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