Exporting multichannel images partially fails


I am creating multichannel images and want to save them back either as Tiff or as RGB-Jpeg. That works well if I have a single channel or 3 channels but it creates unreadable files with 2 channels (no way to open them, Fiji preferably). I created a little workflow with all 3 cases:

example workflow

Is there anything I can do to make it work, or is it a bug?

(I can even run it successfully with 4 channels, though the Jpeg looks weird but that I can expect as it need to create an RGB from 4 channels… the Tiff is very nice in Fiji)


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Using Plugins > Bio-Formats > Bio-Formats Importer I was able to open the 2-channel tif image from your workflow in Fiji.

I confirm that trying to open the file via drag-and-drop in Fiji leads to the error:

ImageJ can only open 8 and 16 bit/channel images (2086)

I agree - it can be opened with the Bio-Formats Importer. Still - if I then split channels and merge them again in Fiji, save them asTiff: this file can then be opened by drag and drop or with other (simple image view) software. So there is a difference between the Tiffs KNIME saves and the ones Fiji saves…

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