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Hi everyone,

I try to download some Extensions, the “Statitistic Nodes (Labs)”, see link:
KNIME Statistics Nodes (Labs) – KNIME Hub

If I try to add those via drag and drop, I get the error message “Unknown URL dropped to KNIME workbench”. I suppose this happens because of the security settings in our company.

So actually I would like to download the extensions as a zip-File and import them manually.

How can I do this? I already downloaded those updates sites:
KNIME Analytics Platform update site
KNIME Community Extensions
KNIME Partner Extensions
from this link:
KNIME Analytics Platform Installation Guide

But the “Statistic-Extensions” I am looking for, are not included.

I am very grateful if somebody could help me
Thanks in advance!
Best regards

Hello @verknuepfer ,

Welcome to the Forum!

You can download Extensions from your AP directly:
File → Install KNIME Extensions… → KNIME Labs Extensions (you could check all the Lab Extensions, or you you can select the one you need, in this case KNIME Statistics Node (Labs).


I hope this helps!


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Thank you @dora_gcs for your quick reply.

I always geht this error message:


Whats your suggestion, why does this error appear?

Thank you so much!

Hello @verknuepfer ,

this error shows some network problem on your side. You probably need to set up a proxy, or check your firewall settings.
Are you behind a company firewall? If so, your system administrator could help you with these settings. Please check this section of our FAQ referring to proxy topics.

If the above mentioned are too much pain, you still can download the KNIME Analytics Platform zip archive from here and install it on your local computer. (Leave the network, update settings as default.) With this choice you can freely install extensions and make updates as well.

I hope you will manage somehow, but if you need further assistance feel free to contact us again!


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