External SSH tool cannot connect

I’m trying to get the External SSH Tool working on Knime. I have installed OpenSSH on my PC and followed the process to create an RSA key, add a host, etc. Basically I can now connect to a remote server using OpenSSH from the command prompt (ssh -p user@hostname). However, in Knime when I try to configure an External SSH Tool node and check the connection I get the error:

Connection failed
Reject: HostKey:

In the Knime preferences, I have set the SSH2 home to C:\Program Files\OpenSSH\bin\ssh (location of known_hosts and id_rsa* files), private keys = id_dsa,id_rsa and the remote server appears in the list of Known Hosts.

Any ideas of what might be wrong?

I don’t have much experience with ssh.
One thought: Is the hostname exactly the same in the list of known hosts and when you specify it in the dialog (with domain and everything)? I’ve noticed that a different name, even if it resolves to the same machine isn’t a known host.
Just a wild desperate guess in absence of any better idea…

  • Peter.

Thanks for your suggestion Peter. I started again from scratch and now it is working. One thing I did differently was make sure I used the Export using SFTP option after I had generated the RSA key. I don’t think I was saving the key file correctly even though I could open it locally.