External Tool - Create and run BAT file

I am able to run a bat file using the External Tool, but when I am trying to create the BAT file using the top box of the External Tool, the input data file, I am unable to save the BAT without " being added at the start and end of the contents of the BAT file, and them being removed from the BAT file.

In alteryx I am able to use \0 as the delimiter, and it writes a BAT file successfully. What do I do in Knime to achieve the same?

Is there another way of achieving what I am trying to do ?

Hi Neil,

Which node do you use? The one from KNIME Labs or the one from Tools&Services? Can you explain again what you try to do? You wrote that you want to create a BAT file, but what the node actually is designed for creating a CSV file by applying a BAT file. Can you provide your workflow or at least an example to reproduce the issue?