External Tool - Input in Output

Hi everyone,


I am using the External Tool node for executing some home made jar file. This is workin fine BUT in all the case (for diverse jar files), I have the input table that is present in the output table (join to the real ouput table). To resume I have create one csv file in input and i obtain one csv file in ouput BUT i have the two csv files joined in ouput (instead to have only the ouput csv file in output).

In the majority of the case with one "Row filter" and one "Reference column filter" nodes it is easy to obtain the real output table, but when you have column with the same name in the input and ouput file it is more complicated....

Is there a way to have only the ouput table in the output port of the External Tool node? (is it a bug or is it normal that we obtain the two table in the output port?).




Hi Lionel,

This was by design or let's say it was in the specification that the node sponsor (a pharma company) and us agreed on. They are using the node to integrate scientific software and calculate molecular descriptors (so mostly just numbers) for input rows. An input row can thereby generate none, one or multiple outputs, which are joined with the input.

So yes, it's by design but we agree that this should be more flexible.



Thanks for this explanation.

Nevertheless this node keep very very usefulll!