External Tool: Is there an error reporting interface?


is there any standardized way to report error messages from the external tool node back to the KNIME plattform? Right now I only get the numeric exit code, which is usually not that useful.

It would be cool to have a file into which you could write any messages that you want to send back to the KNIME plattform, so that you get a better idea of what exactly failed. Right now it takes quiete some time to figure out which part of the program actually failed. Maybe there could be another special parameter like %errorMessageFile% that points to a location where you can write messages into with your external scripts.

Or is there already something like this?

The External Tool node has the Tool Error Output view which should give you the information that you require from the Standard Error stream.



Hi jonfuller,

thanks for your reply. But you are talking about the "External Tool" node. I am talking about the "External Tool (Labs)" node, which unfortunately does not have such a view.


Any other suggestions?