"External Tool" node missing from 4.6.0?

I do not seem to be able to find the “External Tool” Node in teh latest 4.6.0 distribution via .zip.
I cannto access nodepit etc due to firewall restrictions. I have the Trusted Community and Partners extension zips installed.

Has the external tool node been discontinued?
I would like to be able to initiated bash and ssh from my scripts.


David Tilbrook


The External Tool node still exists in 4.6. According to its associated extension page on the KNIME Hub (KNIME External Tool Support (Labs)) , the update site it comes from is http://update.knime.com/analytics-platform/4.6.

I guess because of firewall restrictions you are also unable to try drag-and-drop from the KNIME Hub, right?

Hi @ScottF
Yes that’s right. I will try with the site update zip installed and linked into the update sources tomorrow. Seeing the size of it I am wondering if the platform and extensions are separate.

Quick update: the problem was that I did not have the “Update Site” zip archive installed as a source.
All present and correct now!

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