External Tool node: Spread command over multiple lines

Is it possible to break a shell command for the "External Tool (Labs)" node into several lines?

As a starting point I had the shell command

cp %inFile% %outFile%

and that worked fine. I then tried to put each part of the command onto its own line, but that failed:

cp %inFile% %outFile%

and also adding single or double backslashes after lines 1 and 2 failed. Is there a way to make this work? The textarea supports multiple lines so I assume that there has to be some way.

Hi there. That functionality isn't available I'm afraid, so you'll need to keep the command as a single line. You could always construct the command as text, and then use the String Manipulation node to remove the newline characters.

yes, it is possible, if you do as jonfuller wrote.

I just recently wrote a blog on external tool usage in windows and a worklfow which makes use of a dos-type batch file created within knime.