External tool with stdout

Hi Knime Users,

I am trying to use the External Tool node to execute an exe file for which the output can only be in the stdout. So the general cmd is:

file.exe infile.sdf > outfile.txt

I am not able to use this cmd in the external tool (I suppose that its the ">" that is problematic).

So I try to use a script.bat file with the previous cmd in it. I can manage to execute this script.bat file BUT when the script.bat failed the try-catch nodes around the External Tool are not working (I suppose that the error is not directly seen by Knime).

How can I manage this problem? I would like :

1- a solution to use the "file.exe infile.sdf > outfile.txt" cmd directly in the External Tool

or 2- a solution to catch correctly the error of the script.bat

Thanks in advance, Lionel

Hi Lionel,

I think, the External Tool (Labs) node could handle various formats (e.g.sdf) and could be the solution 1 for you. In the configuration window you should specify the comman like:

file.exe %inFile% %outFile 

Hope it helps!