Extra Functionality for Interactive Table Viewer


It would be useful in the InteractiveTable Viewer to be able to do some of the following operations;

- Remove a Column

- Filter out Rows based on a String Match

- Freeze some Columns, so when you scroll left and right, those frozen columns dont move.

- Manual Row resorting (i.e. dragging rows up and down).

- Row Sorting which doesnt keep putting the empty values to the top of the table.


I appreciate this can mostly be done by plugging in nodes before hand, but this is rather cumbersome when you just want to quickly look at a certain piece of data as  a one-off event.

This is useful to carry out these tasks so screenshots can be taken for sharing with others.




Hi Simon,

thank you for those ideas, this would really be useful.

I forwarded it to our bug tracking system.

Best, Iris