extract a list of document from database (for exampale:web of science or elsevier scopus)

Hello! i’m new in the use of Knime. I need to extract a list of document from some database for example web of science or elsevier scopus.
Which node I could use?
Thank you

Hey @monica_rosciano,

The List Files/Folders node may be what you’re looking for. Please also check out the KNIME File Handling Guide for detailed information on reading various file types.

If you’re reading from a database and not a file system, you would likely use the DB Connector node or more specific alternatives such as the Microsoft SQL Server Connector node to connect to a database and then use other nodes downstream to generate/execute queries.

Hope this helps!



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But I think here that @monica_rosciano is trying to scrape a web page generated from WoS or Scopus, rather than interacting directly with the underlying database.

So try the Palladian nodes (in the Web sub-category):

Another way would be to use the open-source Zotero reference manager (https://www.zotero.org/) which downloads all the bibliographic data into a sqlite database. Then you could use the KNIME database nodes to interrogate that sqlite file.

(the other) Simon


Is there a video series for palladian nodes and how to use which one (like with the NLP Tasks?)

@sauberns You’re right; I misread their post.

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