Extract and Inject variables dynamic ports

Hey Knime Team, love your work.

I would love to be able to change the incoming and outgoing port types on the Inject Variables (data) and Extract Variables (data) nodes.



Interesting! Why do you use these 2 nodes? Could you explain your usecase?


While I don’t know what exactly @ajc means, I can make a guess:

These nodes only support normal data table connections. Using it on other types (File System Connection, DB Connection, etc.) is not supported.
Experienced KNIME users know that this is no problem, one can simply use the always present and per default invisible Flow Variable Ports for that.
Although I just found out that the behaviour of the Inject Variables node differs a bit: Existing variables are not overwritten by the incoming variable connection!

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Hey @Iris,

My specific usecase is working with the DB nodes and case nodes. In this example, I perform different logic to the extracted variable based on the port of the case switch.

As per the above, there are workarounds however an option to inject a variable into the DB connection would help with readability