"Extract Color" other way around


I'm a beginner with Knime, but I love beautiful visualizations of diagrams.

For this purpose I'd like to setup a table with "good-looking" color-codes (ie. Hex-Codes), which is then used by a Color Manager for coloring the Data.

In my opinion this would be like the mirrored functionality of the "Extract Color"-node.

The result could maybe be connected to the "Color Appender" node.!?


Thanks for youre help.

KnimeLeaner14 !


Unfortunately, you can't define your own color scheme which is applied in the Color Manager, but you can always derive a new column which is then use in the Color Manager to either apply the range or nominal color settings.

Interesting, so how about a color brewer node, which could feed the color manager node? Seems like a neat idea :wink: