Extract Context Properties: context.job.id Variable Use

The variable context.job.id that comes out of the Extract Context Properties node produces a 36 character (which looks like just a guid) string - only available on the Knime WebPortal.

Question: If the job.id is unique to that job, how is that job ID referenced? If an user’s workflow bombs and (let’s say) that job ID is sent to the support team via automated email, how could support use that job ID to reference said bombed job? When I look up on the Knime Server, I see jobs reference as “Workflow_Name Date Timestamp”.

Is the context.job.id a good way to reference that job for other users? Where else is that 36 character string referenced?

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@philcremer I do not have access to our knime server right now but the main communication is via rest-api and you can get a history and the current schedules. You should be able to combine this in all sorts of application and systems. Maybe you can find the IDs there.

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