Extract data from OpenEdge/Progress

I am attempting to read from an OpenEdge/Progress database.
I have installed the JDBC driver from DataDirect and can connect to the database using the legacy nodes.
I can fetch the metadata.
But when I attempt to read a table I receive an error message:
“Table/view/synonynm “aaaa.bbbb” cannot be found. (15814)”
where “aaa” is the username from the connection and “bbbb” is the table name.

I assume that the problem is due to the username being automatically prepended to the table name.
I tried not including the username but it is a required parameter for the connection.

Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong ?

Hi @hwa_rmackay,

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Can you try non-legacy database nodes? They are recommended to use plus they offer more options and functionalities. Here is link to guide in case you’ll need it:


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Thanks for the link.

I have tried the non-legacy nodes but I have the same problem.
I have been trying the legacy nodes because the only documentation that I have found for the driver uses those nodes.
I will keep trying different options.


Hello @hwa_rmackay,

can you check with your JDBC driver vendor if this behavior can somehow be disabled? Maybe there is some parameter to be turned off. Additionally in Hive dialect KNIME removes schema from any returned table name so you can try registering your driver as Hive and give it a try. However this might lead to other problems.

Also there has been ticket created (internal reference: AP-14870) to provide same (Hive) stripping option for other SQL dialects.


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