Extract first column and make it header

Hi there. I’m stuck trying to make this works. I need to extract the first column and it needs to become the header. This is what I got after combining two tables

It needs to become something like this…


See if this works for you.

1st Column to Header.knwf (47.6 KB)

I’m unable to make it work. I’m stuck on the missing row to column name. I am confused with that configuration.

I changed the Column names to match yours so that it is easier to drop in. If you still have trouble, then you can upload a workflow or data file (removing any proprietary info) and I can configure it for you. Make sure that the header column is in the first column position as well.

1st Column to Header Your Column Names.knwf (48.4 KB)


Thanks for the help but it didn’t work. Seems like it’s my Knime installation as it’s still on 4.6. I am reaching out to IT to see of this can be updated. If I cannot get IT to help I will upload something. Thx

WHy don’t you try to use the pivot node just to change the orientation, and then use it as a header?

I am pretty rusty working in 4.6, but I threw something together for you with the older nodes using a temp zip install.

1st Column to Header46.knwf (44.9 KB)

I used to use a “Raw Pivot” component that I made for situations like this, but I no longer needed it with the nodes in newer versions.

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