Extract Information on Right Side of Space

This seems like a simple issue, but I cannot solve it. I have tried to follow the advice of those in the thread, but it is throwing an error about the string() type.

Does anyone know how I can split the date from the time?

Split Timestamp

Hi @peterabraldes , what node are you using and what error did you get?

Are you looking to return the Date and the Time components as two separate String columns, or do you want them as a Date column and a Time column? Or something else? :wink:

There are several options available. Here are a few depending on personal preference, and what outcome you are after, and there will doubtless be other options too!

forum 71819 - converting and splitting datetime string.knwf (18.2 KB)

In some cases you’ll probably want to follow with column rename.


Thank you! I got it with the cell splitter node option! The date format seemed weird, because there was a white space instead of a “;”. I think I got a little lost with the formatting.

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