extract one specific row per file in a list of 60 files and create a matrix with extracted rows


I'm a knime beginner. I'm trying to extract one row per file from a list of 60 files and create a new matrix with only the 60 rows extracted. I've tried with the scheme attached, but  it doesn't work. I think I've forgotten some nodes or I've wrongly configured the loop.  Files used are in CSV format and the final matrix I would like to have should also be in csv format. 

Thank you very much

Hi Ugo,

this looks already pretty good.

  1. This is a special loop start node, I would recommend using the KNIME Table Row To Variable Loop Start instead
  2. In the CSV Reader there is a red button with "v=?" on it. And there choose the URL variable
  3. The CSV Writer should be connected to the output of the loop end.

Best, Iris

Hi Iris, 

I solved the problem I had with my input files! Now it works!!! :-D

Thank you very much for your help.