extract RGB color values from color model


I have a segmentation and the respective fluorescence image and use the “Image segment features” node to get e.g. the mean intensity value for each of the labels in a calculated features table. Now to get a coloured labelling I can use “Color Manager”, "GroupBy "and “Apply Color Settings to Labels” to assign a color to each label based on it’s mean. I even can apply the same color model back to the calculated features table using “Color Appender”. Now I wanted to ask if there is any way to get my hands on the actual RGB values (something like “234, 45, 123” as appended column in the same table. I would like to use the color model externally and it would help to get these values directly from KNIME.


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hi @COS_HD1

this is not available right now. we have an open feature request for this, which I will give a +1 from you (AP-2679)

Best, Iris