Extract Row Value with Conditions of Date Between 2 Dates & 1 More Key

Hi Knime Forum,

So I have 2 table. One table consist of promo schedule period (promo start date & promo end date) for certain SKU and the other table consist of the sales qty of certain SKU in a date. Here’s the content of the two tables I mentioned:
Table 1:

Table 2:

My goal is to match the date of the sales between the 2 dates of the promo period, for each SKU. And then, for the missing value, I will replace it with a “No Promo” string to give conclusion that for that specific date there’s no promo for the SKU.

I already tried it myself but I think I was 1 node short to complete this task because I think currently my workflow only match the date. but not the SKU code. I already tried many things but don’t know what node to use.

Here’s the current workflow I created myself. Hoped you can help me solve this problem.
Detect Date Between 2 Dates with a Condition.knwf (44.2 KB)

Thanks in advance !

Hi @Kemuel

Your almost there. I added a Group Loop node to your workflow. Sample Data v2.knwf (68.2 KB)

gr, Hans


Hi @HansS ,

THanks a lot for your help. It works perfectly fine just what I wanted.

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