Extract single Lines out of many


I need to extrat specific lines of my table and have no clue how to do it…

Step1: Extract all rows where the ID occurs first (marked as yellow)
Step2: Extract all rows except the first one


Thanks for your help, and have a nice weekend

Hey @JHoc

you could do something like that and configure the Group Loop Start with the ID column and exclude the first row of every group with the Row Filter. Only works if the row to remove is always the first and if it is a single row such as ID = 3 should also be removed.

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remove_first_line_of_group.knwf (11.1 KB)

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Hi @JHoc

An other option is to go for the Duplicate Row fitler node.

Inlcudes => “ID”
Row chosen in case of duplicate => Minimum of “Date”

gr. Hans


Hello @laaaarsi and @HansS,

Thank you very much for providing solutions for me.
The Workflow @laaaarsi created works for me.

Great :slight_smile:


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