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I have a column with some “;” separated data, I want to extract some of that data and put it into columns. For example:

Original Column
Name: Mike Ross.
Name: Michael Jordan.
Name: Jhon Snow; Phone: 5874589; Address: 7th avenue.
Name: Jhon Snow; Address: 4th street.

I want the Name and the Phone separated in two columns, but the Address must be keeped in the original column:

Original Column

Address: 7th avenue.
Address: 4th street.

Name column
Name: Mike Ross.
Name: Michael Jordan.
Name: Jhon Snow
Name: Jhon Snow

Phone column

Phone: 5874589



one possibility would be to use the String Manipulation Node to get rid of all “;” at first and then use several Cell Splitter to split these cells. So you would have one Cell Splitter that splits according to "Address: " then you receive two new columns, one simply containing the address and one containing the remaining “Name: A B Phone: 1234”. Then use a second Cell Splitter on the column containing the name and phone only (so without the address) and split it according to "Phone: ". This assumes that the order will be always the same, so address is last, phone is next to last,…

Hope this helps in your case.



example.knwf (11.7 KB)

Hi I made you a sample Workflow.
Basically I first split by semi column and than by double point. And in the end I pivot everything in a table.
Cheers, Iris


Very useful, thank you!

Very useful, thank you!

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