Extract Table from website using Find Elements


I’m looking for a way to extract table from website using Find Elements ? Do anyone have an example Please?I’m new to Selenium nodes.
Here’s the website: Welcome to Zimmer Biomet
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You can use this XPath in the “Find Element” node:

Then use the “Table Extractor” node to extract the table.


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I’m looking also for String Manipulation, what is the syntax for adding multiple conditions to replace values in a column ?

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Would you please create a new topic and provide more explanation about your new issue?


I just done new topic.

I want to search and find value in column and replace it with a new value, I did it using String Manipulation in a very bad way and not efficient, by creating String Manipulation for each search and replace. I wanted to know if it possible to create it in once using all my conditons ?

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